NEWS IN ENGLISH | Overview of the RENEXPOŸ Austria in Salzburg
Overview of the RENEXPOŸ Austria in Salzburg
2014-06-11 12:41:00

Climbing energy prices are increasing the motivation to avoid the need to buy expensive energy, even without taking attractive subsidy programs into account. Highly efficient rooftop photovoltaic systems now allow consumers to produce energy themselves and consume it locally. This also makes it easier for consumers to calculate their energy costs. Architects, skilled tradesmen and planners can take advantage of this huge future oriented market.

Salzburg will be initiating a subsidy program this year with a budget of 200,000 euros to help "create an additional incentive to implement energy storage and expand the energy storage market," according to state energy minister Josef Schwaiger (ÖVP). The goal is to produce 50 percent of the energy consumed in Salzburg from renewable energy sources by 2020, and to be fully dependent on renewable energy by 2050. The program aims to support photovoltaic systems which are optimized for consumption by implementing energy storage technologies.

The incentives of this subsidy program and the development of the Austrian energy market will be but two of the topics discussed at the "2nd Conference on PV Storage Systems" taking place in Salzburg on November 27th, 2014.

Experts from the industrial, scientific and administrative sectors will focus on current political framework conditions, future perspectives, the environmental impact of energy storage systems, grid integration, security and certification as well as the planning and design of storage systems, output optimization, economic feasibility and practical examples of all the various aspects of energy storage.

Target groups of the event include retailers of photovoltaic systems, components and services as well as engineers, planners, electrical trades, operators of PV systems, energy consultants, architects, power grid operators as well as research and development institutes.

Skilled trades workers, planners and architects can look forward to the seminar "P3 Photovoltaic Practice for Professionals" taking place on Friday, November 28th - offering the know-how that is critical for surviving in today's market. The successful planning, installation and operation of photovoltaic systems depends on understanding proper work procedures as well as knowing and conforming to the various requirements in order to achieve the optimal output and avoid system failures or accidents.

"We are convinced that both events will deliver key future oriented know-how to participants, helping them understand the market and take optimal advantage of it as future business field. The combination of photovoltaics and energy storage will be vital to creating an energy supply based on renewable energy sources," notes Avena Gall, project manager of the RENEXPOŸ Austria.

The trade fair RENEXPOŸ Austria taking place from November 27th-29th, 2014 in the Messezentrum Salzburg will feature 40 estimated exhibitors, accompanying conference as well as an open exhibitor forum to provide and overview of the Austrian photovoltaics and energy storage sectors.

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