NEWS IN ENGLISH | Quality service rules: BUD lands in the highest tier of European airports
Quality service rules: BUD lands in the highest tier of European airports
2014-04-25 08:16:00

Budapest Airport has reached an all-time high passenger service quality rating, according to the 2014 Q1 ASQ survey. The airport that has just been awarded the Best Eastern European Airport 2013 Skytrax Award has improved in every section of the service quality survey, based on feedback from passengers.

Budapest Airport and its employees have managed to propel service quality at the airport to an all-time high, much above the European average in Q1 of 2014. Budapest Airport has scored 4.04 in the ACI-sponsored ASQ survey, which found that European airports scored 3.85 in the same period this year. The ASQ survey is based on ratings awarded on a 5-point scale, and consists of 33 areas of airport service assessment. Marks over 4.00 are considered excellent. Budapest Airport has scored 4.04 in the survey that is conducted anonymously and according to the same methodology all over Europe, independently from airport operators.

According to the latest results, passengers flying out of Budapest have praised the thoroughness and politeness of security personnel (two sometimes conflicting areas) and the short walking distances from security to boarding. Passengers were also very much impressed by the general ambiance and cleanliness of the airport in Budapest. Overall in Q1 of 2014, Budapest Airport has entered the top league of European airports in service quality - a long-term strategic goal of the company. BUD employees and business partners on all levels have been working hard for years to transform the Hungarian capital airport into the best in the region in terms of service quality and growth.

"Over the past few years we have put tremendous efforts into constantly improving quality,
filling the wonderful airport we've built with the best services, so that both leisure and business travelers can feel at home when flying to or from Budapest," said Jost Lammers, the CEO of Budapest Airport. He added: "The results we have just received show that we are heading in the right direction, and the efforts of airport staff and our partners are appreciated and praised by the passengers too. This recognition gives us the momentum to continue on this path, as we want to deliver the best services for air travelers in the region."