NEWS IN ENGLISH | Scania to deliver 485 trucks to Austrian public sector
Scania to deliver 485 trucks to Austrian public sector
2014-03-18 13:03:00

The trucks will be put into use by Austrian cities, communities and other public organisations, including the Austrian motorway operator ASFINAG. The vehicles will be delivered over a three-year period ending in March 2017.

The order represents a breakthrough for Scania's municipal vehicles in Austria. It covers a variety of truck types, including winter service vehicles, refuse trucks, and trucks equipped with cranes and with dumper bodies. The vehicles were evaluated according to criteria which included price, emission levels and fuel-consumption, and available technical solutions.

Christian Teichmann, Director for Scania Österreich, says, "The framework agreement with BBG is the largest completed agreement in the history of Scania Österreich. For Scania Österreich this business is of particular importance as we met the complex technical requirements put forward by BBG and offered a technical and business solution, including well-proven Euro 6 technology, for a variety of vehicle segments."

Vehicles of this type are typically operated by public authorities for up to 18 years before being decommissioned. With 16 workshops across Austria, Scania is well placed to supply ongoing service and maintenance to the vehicles.

Source: SCANIA