NEWS IN ENGLISH | FreeTech Presents Augmented Reality Lens for Snapchat
FreeTech Presents Augmented Reality Lens for Snapchat
2023-06-23 15:13:00

Source: FreeTech - Axel Springer
"Mind Stories" Addresses Mental Health in an AR Lens and Multi-Part Show Format on Snapchat.

FreeTech - Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology, the interdisciplinary think-and-do-tank dedicated to shaping the future of journalism, unveiled an augmented reality lens in collaboration with Snap at the Cannes Lions Festival 2023. This lens, part of the "Mind Stories" project, focuses on the critical subject of mental health. It is the result of a global partnership between Axel Springer and Snap, to create new innovative storytelling formats for Snapchat.

Niddal Salah-Eldin, President Talent & Culture at Axel Springer, presented the project together with Rami Saad, Director Media Partnerships, Snap Inc. at this year's Cannes Lions Festival and said: "Our partnership with Snap empowers the next generation of journalists to create immersive news experiences and find new and engaging ways of telling important stories and developing products that they actually want to use. Emerging journalists and tech experts work together and learn how to leverage different skillsets and mindsets. The future of journalism goes beyond the single story, it is about creating experience and fostering community. We empower the magic of interdisciplinary collaboration for the benefit of future audiences and customers. This is how we are futureproofing journalism."

The "Mind Stories" project sheds light on the uncertainties, pressures, and stresses often faced by Generation Z in their daily lives. FreeTech students conducted interviews with individuals worldwide, exploring their mental health challenges and strategies for coping with them. The project is complemented and supported by experts, psychologists, and physicians.

The augmented reality lens brings "Mind Stories" to life, immersing users in a 3D environment within their personal surroundings. Users can access information and engage in relaxing breathing exercises. Thanks to Snapchat's innovative Connected feature, this experience can be shared with Snapchat contacts, allowing friends to proactively support and assist one another. As part of the "Mind Stories" project, a multi-part show format on Snapchat will inspire young individuals, reassuring them that they are not alone in their struggles.