NEWS IN ENGLISH | New General Manager at Teva Hungary
New General Manager at Teva Hungary
2023-01-09 17:50:00

Jelena Livšica (Photo: Teva Gyógyszergyár Zrt.)
Owing to his remarkable achievements as the Chief Executive Officer of Teva Hungary, Janis Meikšáns continues his tenure at the pharmaceutical company as the General Manager for Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. From 1 January 2023, Jelena Livšica, who previously worked as Head of Commercial Operations for Teva Baltics and also has a wide range experience in several markets, takes over his responsibilities in Hungary.

In 2019, Janis Meikšáns assumed the commercial operations of Teva Hungary and over the past three years, he brought his extensive industry experience to the company to make it an even more successful business. His achievements in Hungary played an important part in Janis Meikšáns' appointment to lead Teva's commercial operations in Poland and also in the Central and Eastern European cluster. Teva Hungary will continue to benefit from his knowledge and expertise, as Janis Meikšáns remains responsible for eight markets in the region, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as Hungary.

Janis Meikšáns spoke about his years in Hungary: "It was a pleasure to participate in Teva's strong development in Hungary and continued commitment to sustainable delivery of life saving medicines to Hungarian patients. Only last year we have celebrated completion of two large investments in our manufacturing sites in Debrecen, which allows Teva to deliver more high quality medicines in the local market and around the world.

Broad portfolio of products, strong and effective distribution network and ensuring customer satisfaction has been the main focus of Teva for past years and will continue to be our priority. Therefore, I am very pleased to appoint Jelena Livsica to the role of General Manager of Teva in Hungary. I am confident that Jelena, with her multi-market experience in leading customer centric organization and management of highly effective partnerships with key business stakeholders is the right person to move the business forward and continue our transformation driven by customer-centric philosophy."

Janis Meikšáns' duties are taken over by Jelena Livšica, who assumes the position of Chief Executive Officer of Teva Hungary from 1 January 2023. Born in Latvia and graduated in social sciences from Stradina University in Riga, the new General Manager comes to Hungary from an executive position in Teva Baltics. Jelena Livšica has previously held marketing and management positions in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and advertising industries. Before joining Teva in 2015 as the Commercial Director for Latvia, Jelena worked at the Latvian organization of Berlin-Chemie holding a number of senior roles. Jelena Livšica endeavours to explore new opportunities for business transformation and growth and to further strengthen the results of Teva Hungary through her cross-market experience, marketing and management expertise, as well as her goal-oriented and customer-focused philosophy.

Jelena Livšica shared her thoughts on her appointment in Hungary: It is a great honour for me to take over the Leader's role from Janis. I very much look forward to contributing my experience and delivering expected results along with the team of highly professional and talented people of Teva Hungary.]

Jelena is married, has three children and in her free time enjoys arts, design and travelling with her family.