NEWS IN ENGLISH | Axel Springer hy appoints dual management team with Sebastian Herzog as new Co-CEO
Axel Springer hy appoints dual management team with Sebastian Herzog as new Co-CEO
2022-01-19 14:22:00

Sebastian Herzog (Source: Axel Springer)
Axel Springer hy is a strategy consulting group that now employs more than 60 employees. In the past five years, hy has helped more than 125 companies to identify growth opportunities and successfully establish growth models for their business. The company's ownership structure is around 55 percent Axel Springer SE, just under 40 percent hy team and 5 percent Berlin42 GmbH.

Sebastian Herzog (39) came to hy from Lufthansa in 2017. The positions he held at Lufthansa included Executive Assistant to the CEO. He then went on to initiate the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, which he ran as a member of its management board. A winner of many awards, this corporate innovation unit is considered the leader in its field. At Axel Springer hy, Herzog has impressively demonstrated his abilities as an entrepreneur and consultant. Initially head of a product management project, in 2018 he became head of the Solutions department, and in 2019 assumed a co-leadership position in the operative consulting business. Since then, Herzog has been a partner at hy. He also proved his business acumen by founding his own private e-commerce company and a crypto index. Herzog is also a popular speaker and author.

Dr. Julian Deutz, Chief Financial Officer Axel Springer SE commented, "Thanks to his holistic approach, Sebastian Herzog has played a very active role in shaping hy's market position and its corporate development. His appointment as Co-CEO therefore makes perfect sense and aligns with our philosophy of putting the best people at the top. Together with Christoph Keese, he will continue to build the company towards even greater success."

Christoph Keese added, "With Sebastian we have proved we are able to bring the ideal people to our excellent team, even at the very top in the most important management positions. As my CEO colleague, Sebastian is a highly welcome addition to work towards implementing our ambitious growth plan."

In future, Sebastian Herzog will oversee the Marketing, Communications and Finance divisions, as well as the Business Building teams. Hy's executive team consists of the Co-CEOs Christoph Keese and Sebastian Herzog, together with the Partners and general agents Prokurist Dr. Jan Tewes Thede und Dr. Sebastian Voigt.

Hans Raffauf from Berlin42 GmbH said, "We are delighted at the team's success, and we are sure that this setup is going to achieve new heights."

"Our intention is to redefine consulting," Herzog said. "Together with our customers, we strive for outstanding business success, and also aim to become an even more attractive employer in the consulting market. We see ourselves more as entrepreneurs than as consultants. It makes me very proud and grateful to have the opportunity to be part of hy's growth trajectory."