NEWS IN ENGLISH | Budapest Airport donates IT equipment to local children’s home
Budapest Airport donates IT equipment to local children’s home
2020-04-14 09:27:00

Budapest Airport
Budapest Airport has decided to donate IT equipment to the Gyöngyvirág (Lily) Children's Home located in the airport's home precinct of Budapest District XVIII. The airport operator's aim is to make the daily lives of the tutors and the children and youths under their supervision easier, and to ensure that the disadvantaged children living in the institution can participate in digital education.

The list of the used, but faultlessly operable IT equipment donated by the airport operator consists of 10 HP PC Elite 800G1 desktop computers, 10 LG 22-inch monitors and the same number of data cables, keyboards and mouse devices.

Following discussions with the institution, Budapest Airport will hand over the equipment after Easter, at the end of the spring school break, thus ensuring that school-age inmates can participate in digital education, introduced because of the coronavirus pandemic, as soon and as easily as possible.

The cooperation between Budapest Airport and the children's home is not new. The airport operator previously offered a large donation to the institution, with the participation of the Robert Burns Foundation, and for more than a year now, provides an opportunity for passengers to support the children's home, via money boxes located at the terminal.

"In the current, critical period, it is especially important for us to act as a responsible company," said Dr. Rolf Schnitzler, the CEO of Budapest Airport in connection with the donation. "We are aware that we can only overcome this situation by coming together and joining forces. The handling of this pandemic requires extra efforts from all of us. So it is natural for us to help those who need it the most," he added.