NEWS IN ENGLISH | European National Panels Enters Hungarian Market
European National Panels Enters Hungarian Market
2019-02-11 14:00:00

European National Panels
European National Panels (ENP) a company that provides market research is expanding to Hungary and will now offer its services in all four countries of the Visegrad Group.

This strategic move will expand the scope of operations of the European National Panels company in collaboration with its Hungarian partner SEDO Research Ltd. "Entering the Hungarian market is the outcome of our long-term vision of becoming a leader in providing online data collection in Central Europe. We are excited we have managed to reach an agreement with a reliable local partner which will help us build our brand in Hungary; says Zdeno Ružbacký, the director of European National Panels.

Nowadays, online market research is a prominent source of data which enables companies to gather consumer and market related data. ENP is a collective project of three Czech based research agenicies: STEM/MARK, Nielsen Admosphere and NMS Market Research. Newly created panel is called Magyar Országos Panel and will be accessible on its own domain