NEWS IN ENGLISH | Axel Springer and AppNexus Announce Technology Partnership
Axel Springer and AppNexus Announce Technology Partnership
2017-05-03 15:20:00

Axel Springer, Europe's leading digital publisher, and AppNexus, the world's leading independent advertising technology company, announce a comprehensive technology partnership. As part of the partnership, Axel Springer plans to progressively adopt AppNexus' enterprise technology products, including the AppNexus ad server, across its global brand portfolio.

Starting in 2018, Axel Springer brands,,,,, and, among others, shall migrate to AppNexus' enterprise technology suite. In the future, it is planned that international Axel Springer brands will also adopt AppNexus technology.

AppNexus' advertising technology encompasses all digital channels (desktop, mobile), formats (display, video, native), and application purposes (guaranteed and programmatic). Its technology platform is open and programmable, which affords customers the ability to build and innovate on top of its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and enables Axel Springer brands to connect their inventories and systems to each other, as well as link to external customer processes.

"We are seeing great potential from a more intense collaboration between Axel Springer's many digital offerings," said Andreas Wiele, President Marketing and Classified Ad Models, Axel Springer SE. "With AppNexus' technology, we create the technological base for this which will be particularly beneficial to our digital marketing."

"AppNexus is very proud to work with Axel Springer, Europe's leading digital publisher," said Brian O'Kelley, CEO of AppNexus. "Our technology helps independent publishers deepen their audience relationships and grow their businesses. It's part of our commitment to building a better internet. We look forward to establishing a technology partnership with Axel Springer in Europe and beyond."

Source: AS