NEWS IN ENGLISH | “USS Harry S. Truman": New virtual reality-report by BILD and Jaunt
“USS Harry S. Truman": New virtual reality-report by BILD and Jaunt
2016-07-29 18:58:00

World premiere at BILD: BILD is the first medium to publish a two-part 360 degree virtual reality report of an American aircraft carrier. The "USS Harry S. Truman" is cruising in the Persian Gulf. Its combat aircraft are carrying out operations against the terrorists of the so-called Islamic state in Syria and Iraq as part of "Operation Inherent Resolve". BILD reporter Hannes Ravic and Grant Anderson, Head of Studio at Jaunt, and their team were allowed to film on board the aircraft carrier for 24 hours and conduct interviews with the crew. This has resulted in the first 360 degree virtual reality report to document life on board of the floating airport and its deployment against ISIS. The production of the videos is the second cooperation between BILD and Jaunt, the leading startup for high-quality virtual reality productions in which Axel Springer holds an interest since September 2015.

Julian Reichelt, editor-in-chief BILD Digital: "Whether on the bridge, the flight deck or in the galley - this report takes our readers to a place they have never previously seen like this. Using technology from Jaunt, we are now for the second time offering our readers an innovative format that will shape the future of journalistic storytelling."

BILD had previously published a video featuring German basketball star Dirk Nowitzki in April 2016. Both 360 degree videos were filmed with the 'Jaunt ONE Camera', which has 24 individual lenses, with the recordings retrospectively combined to form a 3D-capable 360 degree film. In order to experience the aircraft carrier in virtual reality, the user only needs to download the Jaunt app to his smartphone. With VR glasses or a Cardboard with a smartphone, he can virtually experience Hannes Ravic's BILD report. The 360 degree version of the video is also played on all the usual platforms.

Source: Axel Springer