NEWS IN ENGLISH | Vodafone Hungary and JCDecaux Hungary protects families together
Vodafone Hungary and JCDecaux Hungary protects families together
2016-08-22 15:05:00

Team Red-Vodafone-JCDecaux
Every year Hungary sees approximately 600 fatalities and around 5000 accidents on its roads, amongst these there are 150 deaths and more than a 1000 injuries involving under 18's. And it's no surprise that a tenth of those are on the roads of Budapest; one of the main reasons being the sheer amount of traffic in the Hungarian capital.

One of the biggest danger factors is speed; it takes only a second of recklessness to cause a serious accident. Just a few years ago on Soroksári Avenue, one of the busiest roads in Budapest, 3 people died and many were injured when a van hit the curb and ran into a bus stop full of people waiting to get home.

Vodafone Hungary in co-operation with JCDecaux Hungary has installed a special bus stop on the corner of Soroksári Avenue and Haller Street. When anyone stands in the stop an electronic motion sensor reads their movements, if they stray towards the curb a sign on top of it lights up to warn oncoming drivers that the stop is occupied and in turn warning them to slow down, reducing the possibilities of any potential accidents.

Unfortunately, parents can't always be there to protect their children but Vodafone Hungary believe that even at times when families are together they need to be protected. Children are of great value for the present and also for the future. We must do all that we can, to keep them safe.