NEWS IN ENGLISH | Telekom launches free of charge wi-fi service to the world’s biggest wi-fi network
Telekom launches free of charge wi-fi service to the world’s biggest wi-fi network
2016-04-06 12:53:00

Magyar Telekom, along with Fon, its international market leader partner, introduces a new, free of charge service offering broadband internet access called Telekom Wi-Fi Fon. Telekom's new nationwide Wi-Fi network will provide users the opportunity to use the internet safely outside their homes in reliable quality, without any data limitation or excess charge, in nearly 2000 localities in Hungary and in some 20 countries worldwide over Fon's Wi-Fi network.

In exclusive cooperation with its partner Fon, Magyar Telekom is establishing Hungary's largest Wi-Fi network with the help of digital home gateway devices located in the homes of its fixed line broadband Internet subscribers. In addition, Telekom is going to integrate the hundreds of thousand hotspots established this way, into the world's largest Wi-Fi network. Telekom Wi-Fi Fon hotspots, as opposed to public hotspots, provide quality, reliable and safe broadband Wi-Fi connection for users, also away from their homes.

András Gyenes, Magyar Telekom's Chief Commercial Officer residential services said: "With its new Wi-Fi Fon service Telekom provides an all-round Internet experience. Thanks to Telekom's fixed line, mobile and Wi-Fi network our customers from now on will be able to access the Internet everywhere, in all situations—at home, on the move and away from home. Now we offer our customers the experience of freedom without any limitations, beyond a simply and comfortably accessible and quality Internet connection."