NEWS IN ENGLISH | Budapest Airport opened three new retail outlets in SkyCourt
Budapest Airport opened three new retail outlets in SkyCourt
2015-06-17 08:46:00

Photó: Budapest Airport
The first ever Tech2go outlet in Europe has opened in the transit area at Budapest Airport's
SkyCourt near the non-Schengen (non-EU) boarding gates and passport control area. Tech2go is already a very popular airport brand, primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

They stock a carefully selected range of technology-related travel accessories, ranging from mobile device chargers, headphones and earbuds, right through to socket converters - everything one would inevitably need when traveling long haul. The concept of Tech2go is to provide a user-friendly shopping experience through their proactive and dedicated staff, thus creating interaction between customers and products. Tech2go's first European outlet is operated by Magyar Lapterjesztő Plc. (Lapker), a long-standing partner of Budapest Airport, managing successful newsagents and other units at the airport.

"We are very proud of the new Tech2go outlet opening in SkyCourt, since it is our aim to always be the first and to always be one step ahead in meeting travelers' needs at the airport," said Beáta Gárdos, head of the airport units for Lapterjesztő Plc. She added: "Together with our airport partners, we have carefully selected the location to meet the natural flow of passengers. The design, the lighting and the offer of the Tech2go shop will surely attract more and more passengers."

Another first-in-Hungary brand is the José Eber hair styling shop in SkyCourt, on the way towards the Schengen (intra-EU) boarding gates of Budapest Airport. The shop bears the name of the founder, a French-born star hairstylist, whose main saloon is located in Beverly Hills, California, serving numerous Hollywood stars (Cher, Liz Taylor, Jaclyn Smith, Farah Fawcett) and film industry top brass. The main aim of the Budapest outlet is to help passengers overcome the side effects of pre-flight procedures, and to enable them to board their flights after a relaxing treatment and hair styling. Passengers can also test and buy high-end quality hair styling tools, or use the DryBar services. The third outlet is also from the beauty range; Gratiae offers organic skincare for sale, with professional shop assistants who can show on the spot the use of and the effects of the different types of miraculous creams, gels, milks, masks and other products.

"We warmly welcome the opening of the three new retail units in SkyCourt, where we continue to offer the best travel experience to passengers in the region," remarked Kam Jandu, chief commercial officer for Budapest Airport. He added: "I am sure that these new outlets will not only contribute to the wide range of services offered by our airport, but will also become a commercial success. Together with our retail partners, we want to cover all the needs of our ever-increasing passenger base."