NEWS IN ENGLISH | Deutsche Telekom launches cloud VPN service
Deutsche Telekom launches cloud VPN service
2015-03-09 09:14:00

Deutsche Telekom (DT) announces the launch of the Cloud VPN (Virtual Private Network) service for small and medium businesses in Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia. The service delivers a unique combination of functionality, simplicity and automation in the area of secure communication for small and medium businesses.

Cloud VPN combines secure communication and additional security functions in the cloud with a high degree of automation in provisioning and self-service management. With this solution, customers can easily and securely access all important company data from anywhere - whether in branch offices or at remote locations.

The Cloud VPN service uses a self-service online portal to give customers a simple way to select, subscribe to and activate the service. The service portfolio includes branch, site-to-site and remote access encrypted VPNs as well as firewall and web security. It is offered as a cloud-managed IT solution on a monthly subscription basis.

Customers have access to a management dashboard where they can track the service status or change service features such as the number of users, the bandwidth, the traffic prioritization or select between predefined levels of web-security with a simple mouse click. Provisioning is automatic and done in real-time from DT's data centers.

The new Cloud VPN is DT's first commercial service delivered from PANNET - DT's fully IP based Pan-European network where network functions are virtualized and orchestrated across different data centers.

With the launch of this product, Deutsche Telekom becomes the first multinational telecommunication provider to leverage in this way the synergies from a common product development logic across the country operations in its footprint.

This Cloud VPN solution is built on Cisco® virtual security appliances, combined with DT's OpenStack solutions.

Supporting Quotes:

Péter Lakatos , Chief Commercial Officer SMB Magyar Telekom:
"The digitization of the SMB sector is key to economic growth across Europe. Virtualization and cloud open up new ways to bring enterprise-class IT services within easy reach of SMBs. With the ever-increasing level of security threats, digitization starts with secure access, and for that reason, we decided to start the roll-out of our new generation of cloud-managed IT services with Cloud VPN."

Michael Ganser, senior vice president Central Europe, Cisco
"As cited in the Cisco Annual Security Report, cybersecurity attacks are now much more sophisticated, which makes it challenging for SMBs to safeguard their IT infrastructure. The Cloud VPN service is addressing these demanding security requirements, as well as regulatory and compliance requirements, in a cost-effective manner.