NEWS IN ENGLISH | Mercedes-Benz and Budapest Airport working together to improve passenger comfort
Mercedes-Benz and Budapest Airport working together to improve passenger comfort
2014-11-28 11:32:00

Fotó: Bud Péter
Mercedes-Benz Hungária Kft. and Budapest Airport Zrt. signed a long-term partnership agreement on 26 November 2014. In accordance with the cooperation between the two companies, Mercedes-Benz models will be added to the vehicle fleet at the airport, including vehicles used in the handling of air traffic and in operation. Some of these new cars will be manufactured by Hungarian workers at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét. All of the new models and vehicles will be fitted with the most modern engines available, thus contributing to Budapest Airport's commitment to protecting the environment.

Mercedes-Benz Hungária Kft. and Budapest Airport Zrt. signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement at the SkyCourt Conference Center at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. Pursuant to the long-term partnership agreement, Budapest Airport will modernize its vehicle fleet with various Mercedes-Benz models, which will be used for several different functions at the airport. Going forward, Mercedes-Benz will contribute to further increasing service quality in Hungarian aviation by supplying safe, reliable and comfortable vehicles.

"We are proud to welcome Mercedes-Benz among our partners here at Budapest Airport," said Jost Lammers, the CEO of Budapest Airport. He added: "Both of our companies work in a highly competitive industry, automotive and aviation, where only commitment to excellence, perfect service to customers and sustainable growth can earn leading market positions. We are both committed to these principles. The partnership with Budapest Airport will bring another reliable and long-term customer for Mercedes-Benz in Kecskemét and will result in the creation of further jobs in their Hungarian facility."

Ingo Fröhlich, the managing director of Mercedes-Benz Hungária Kft. also welcomed the agreement: "Mercedes-Benz is committed to the highest quality, both in the design and manufacturing of its models, as well as in customer service. As part of our long-term cooperation, not only will we provide the perfect Mercedes-Benz quality for Budapest Airport, but the new fleet will indirectly serve the comfort of passengers at the airport as well. We are especially delighted that the new fleet will include models manufactured in Hungary."

Some of the vehicles will be from the new B-class unveiled in 2014 and produced in Hungary. Thus, Budapest Airport indirectly supports Hungarian employees and Mercedes-Benz's "World class from Hungary" program.

The new vehicles will be equipped with the most modern engines and regulator systems available, thereby significantly reducing pollutant emissions and supporting Budapest Airport in its efforts to protect the environment. In August 2014, Budapest Airport announced that, as a result of various long-term measures, it managed to reduce its environmental impact, i.e. its carbon dioxide emissions, by 15%. The new Mercedes-Benz fleet can contribute to a further improvement in this area. In order to safeguard the positive impacts over the long term, Mercedes-Benz will perform the checks and maintenance works required to guarantee the perfect technical condition of the vehicles free of charge for 4 years or 120 000 kilometers, as is the case for all new Mercedes-Benz passenger cars.

The new cooperation agreement is by no means the debut for Mercedes-Benz at Budapest Airport, as its vehicles already play an important part in the operation of Hungary's largest international airport. The special vehicles in use at the airport include various different models, such as the Actros, the Unimog and the Sprinter.