NEWS IN ENGLISH | Vodafone and Belgacom renew partner market agreement
Vodafone and Belgacom renew partner market agreement
2014-08-11 10:00:00

Vodafone and the Belgacom Group have renewed their Partner Market agreement in Belgium and Luxembourg for a further three years.*

The renewed non-equity Partner Market agreement builds on the strong co-operation that has existed between Vodafone and Belgacom since 2003, with the two companies jointly providing a range of products and services to serve businesses and consumers.

Under the agreement, Belgacom and Vodafone's customers will be able to roam on each other's mobile networks. Vodafone Global Enterprise customers will continue to benefit from international managed services and will continue to be serviced through a single point of contact. The two companies will also continue to benefit from joint mobile device procurement.

Vodafone Partner Markets Chief Executive Stefano Gastaut, said: "We are delighted to renew our longstanding Partner Market agreement with Belgacom, building on more than a decade of successful collaboration."

Belgacom's CEO Dominique Leroy commented: "We look forward to continuing our excellent collaboration with Vodafone as it will benefit our customers and strengthen Belgacom's leadership and differentiation in the Belgian and Luxembourg markets."

*Belgacom Group trade as "Belgacom" in Belgium and "Tango" in Luxembourg.

Source: Vodafone