NEWS IN ENGLISH | Emirates will fly daily to Budapest from Dubai
Emirates will fly daily to Budapest from Dubai
2014-07-28 09:37:00

Jost Lammers with Emirates
It was announced a short time ago in Dubai that Emirates Airline will commence daily scheduled flights between Budapest and Dubai from autumn this year. They will start the service with high-capacity wide-body Airbus A 330s from the very beginning.

No doubt this is the biggest announcement this year in Hungarian aviation: Emirates will start daily flights between Dubai and Budapest from the beginning of the winter schedule in late October. What makes the news really astonishing is the fact that Emirates will start the service with high-capacity wide-body Airbus A 330 type aircraft. With 278 seats available in a two-class configuration, Emirates will offer no less than weekly 3892 seats between Budapest and Dubai.

Emirates is the fourth largest airline in the world with its base in Dubai International Airport in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The leading airline of the Middle East operates a fleet of 224 aircraft of only wide-body types (Boeing 777, Airbus A 330, Airbus A 340 and Airbus A 380) and flies to 143 destinations all over the world. Carrying 44.5 million passengers last year,Emirates was voted "The Airline of the Year 2013" by SkyTrax, the world's leading aviation consultancy.

Aviation experts from Hungary and UAE have been working on launching the new service for
years on the assumption that there is much demand both for travel between Dubai and Budapest and also for transfer travel via Dubai to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Pacific region, and Australia. Passengers from Budapest will be able to reach with just one stop in Dubai popular touristic destinations like Phuket in Thailand, or business targets like Beijing, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo or Sydney.

Commenting on the major efforts made to attract this important new service, Budapest Airport CEO Jost Lammers said, "We're absolutely ecstatic to welcome Emirates as a new airline. We promised some very significant new service developments this year, so Budapest Airport is enormously proud to announce the arrival of this major global carrier - especially because Emirates will be offering both daily frequencies, and wide-body services. We've been working really hard with Emirates over the last five years to place fast-growing Budapest on their network radar and I have absolutely no doubt that this new daily service will be extremely popular."

Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline said: "Connectivity and mobility are crucial in today's
global economy, and our service to Budapest will open up a world of opportunity for people in Hungary. It will introduce faster connections for our customers - both passengers and exporters - through our Dubai hub to numerous points that are currently underserved, including Sydney, Taipei and Phuket. These vital connections will inject new demand for travel, help boost bilateral trade with markets in the East, and magnify the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy. Ultimately, our global network benefits our customers."