NEWS IN ENGLISH | Budapest Airport: traffic skyrockets in June
Budapest Airport: traffic skyrockets in June
2014-07-04 10:04:00

Budapest Airport
Budapest Airport once again registered record-breaking passenger traffic statistics in June. Never in the history of the airport have so many passengers, 863 994 to be precise, used the terminals during the sixth month of the year.

8.4 % - this was the growth rate for passenger traffic at Budapest Airport compared to the same period last year, which surpasses all previous figures. Not even during the strongest year on record, 2011 (when 827 457 passengers were registered) did so many passengers travel to and from the airport as in June this year. The sixth month of 2014 brought no less than 863 994 passengers for Budapest Airport and for Hungarian tourism.

Traffic at the terminals of Budapest Airport is showing strong growth since the beginning of the year, not least as a result of the numerous new flights launched recently and capacity expansions on existing routes (airlines using larger aircraft) or increasing daily / weekly frequencies. This year, traffic records were already broken during the months of March and May, and if this trend continues (and no major international conflicts or large kerosene price increases occur in the region), the record figure for annual passenger traffic, 8.9 million in 2011, could be surpassed.

Factors which definitely contributed to the increase in June include the arrival of the latest, 8th aircraft stationed in Budapest by Wizz Air, along with its new flights (Alicante) and frequency increases. Since the spring, Israeli carrier UP has increased the frequency of its services between Tel Aviv and Budapest, Transavia France has launched a flight to Paris Orly, and British carrier has revived its Leeds service. As of June, Vueling has been operating to Budapest from Barcelona, and the performance of the charter airlines (Travel Service, Freebird, Onur Air, etcb.) has also started to improve.

"We are delighted to see that traffic at Budapest Airport has surpassed even our most optimistic forecast, and June has turned out to be a record-breaking month again," said Jost Lammers, the CEO of Budapest Airport. He added: "Our efforts together with our airline partners are now paying off, and aviation traffic growth is back on track. The summer traffic increase not only reflects strengthening confidence in economic growth and larger family incomes in Hungary, but also means the creation of new jobs both in the Hungarian aviation industry and in tourism."