NEWS IN ENGLISH | SPAR Express brand expansion through rail stations in Germany
SPAR Express brand expansion through rail stations in Germany
2014-06-27 11:35:00


Cornelius Everke, CEO of SSP DACH & FRABEL said the new partnership was evidence of the company's customer-focused approach. "The need for a local, high-quality food offer is growing among commuters and other travellers. This significant new investment project means we will be able to meet customers' requirements even more precisely. SSP is already operating 11 SPAR Express shops at stations, and we are delighted to be developing our relationship with a brand that is very well received by customers, and has seen strong, continuous growth since 2010."

Rolf Lange, Edeka's head of communications and public affairs, highlighted the significance of the rail travel channel for sales volume and brand prominence:

"The rail station distribution channel is a dynamic, high-frequency business and at the same time allows us to reach an affluent target group with a wide product range."

Lessor Horst Mutsch, director of leasing, marketing, service-stores DB, said; "A good convenience food offer is a high priority when providing for our passengers. Working in partnership with respected players who have a solid track record in the sector means we can now offer options that are both more relevant and more innovative."

Source: SPAR