SAJTÓKÖZLEMÉNYEK | | PanMedia and UM join forces to create new Austrian agency UM PanMedia

IPG Mediabrands: PanMedia and UM join forces to create new Austrian agency UM PanMedia
Külföld | 2012-08-02 | IPG Mediabrands

PanMedia, Austria's most experienced media planning agency and UM's operation in the country are to come together creating UM PanMedia.

The newly formed company will become one of the largest and most powerful media agencies in the country. The merger will combine the years of local experience from within PanMedia with extensive international expertise provided from UM's International network, supported by IPG Mediabrands' global network.

On August 1st, 2012 both companies will become UM PanMedia, creating a strong strategic player in the field of communication consulting, media planning and media buying, to be ranked the #4 media agency in Austria.

The merger of the two successful businesses is a strategic move adding value for clients and employees with them having already cooperated closely for several years in Austria. UM PanMedia clients will benefit from UM's client-focused and results-driven business model which has proven success across the globe for top international advertisers.

The new agency will fall under the WorldMarkets cluster structure of IPG Mediabrands. WorldMarkets currently oversees operations of 52 reporting offices in 39 countries, in addition to other 50 affiliated offices across six continents.

Elisabeth Ochsner, a 20-year veteran of the media and advertising industry in Austria will become the new Managing Director of UM PanMedia moving from her role as head of PanMedia.

Sabine Schmidt who has been Managing Director of UM Vienna will join the Management Board of UM PanMedia to work with the successful team that also include industry experts like Tina Hofbauer, Karl Welles, and Christian Hofstetter.

"For PanMedia as well as UM, the new union makes absolute sense. Formal and organisational boundaries are being lifted and we are pooling our resources. The result will be a vigorously creative and strategically strong unit which will face up to new challenges for the benefit of our clients," says Dr. Elisabeth Ochsner.

UM PanMedia will be led at a regional level by Mario Mateus, President, EMEA for World Markets working closely with Mauricio Sabogal as President, WorldMarkets at IPG Mediabrands.

Mauricio Sabogal looks forward to a successful business alliance "We are truly excited about this partnership and what represents for the Austrian market; both agencies are true leaders in the local and international media landscape and so their forces coming together establish the raise of new standards of excellence in the Austria media industry."

The agency will benefit from being part of a larger agency structure backed by the global resources of an international agency network to offer a wider spectrum of services to local Austrian clients.

According to Ochsner, the different strengths of the two companies form an ideal basis for future success. "UM has been part of a global organisation for many years. Its contribution to the partnership is an international outlook which forms a perfect complement to PanMedia's expert knowledge of the Austrian situation. You might say that local strategists form an ideal partnership with global pioneers."

Sabine Schmidt takes a similar view, "It makes sense that these complementary elements should be united. Under the new company name of UM PanMedia we will create added value for our clients and bring a breath of fresh air to the markets. True to our motto, 'Curiosity works,' I am looking forward to our future cooperation."


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