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Metro: Urbanization bad news for nationalism
Külföld | 2011-06-01 | metro

Man made the city, but now the city is shaping man. A global survey reveals that city dwellers - dubbed Metropolitans - are open to the world and prefer to live in diverse communities.

They share a mindset influenced by urban living that transcends cultural differences and geographical borders.

According to the Metropolitan Report presented by Metro International and business intelligence firm United Minds, spanning 15,000 interviews in 30 cities across 6 continents from Milan to Mumbai, Moscow to Mexico City, the Metropolitans identify themselves as strongly with their city (67%) as with their nation (69%).
The city is our new nation. Rapid urbanisation combined with the effects of globalisation is producing a class of citizens who share many values, habits and defining characteristics related to urban living, says Paul Alarcón, Research Director, United Minds.

The constant meeting and melding of cultures, ideas and races in modern cities produces a global and open mindset. Metropolitans are excited by new challenges, not scared of them.

Metropolitans are affluent, socially liberal, mobile, globally and environmentally conscious and well-informed. They are less defined by race, culture and geography than by their common citizenship of cities. They embrace the diversity of urban life - with 65% saying they would rather live in an ethnically diverse community than in a homogenous neighbourhood. 53% of Metropolitans also think same-sex marriage should be legal.
Cities are inherently diverse. Tolerance and understanding are prerequisites to enjoy life in places you have to share with millions of others. In the long run, the emergence of the Metropolitan mindset is bad news for nationalist parties around the world, says Wilf Maunoir, Global Research Director, Metro International.

Recent research strongly suggests that the better informed you are, the more broad-minded and tolerant you are likely to be. The Metropolitan survey reveals that city dwellers are heavy news consumers and that they are equally interested in international news (67%) as they are in local news (65%).

Their interest in the world goes further than reading newspapers. Nine out of 10 are interested in travelling and visiting new places and every second Metropolitan has travelled abroad for leisure in the past year. As urbanization continues globally and cities get increasingly connected to each other, the future for narrow-mindedness and nationalism looks bleak.

The Metropolitan Report
The Metropolitan Report report aims at helping local and global marketers, employers and public officials to better understand the mind and lifestyle of Metropolitans in order to better connect with this increasingly influential global target group.

Organised around four themes - Values, Work, Play and Media, the report combines survey analysis and illustrations, with infographics and expert's interviews: philosopher Alain de Botton, three Michelin star chef Ferran Adrià, head of Greenpeace International Kumi Naidoo among others.

Wilf Maunoir, Global Research Director, Metro International says: "The Metropolitan Report is the testimony of Metro International's deep commitment to cities and citizens. As the leading urban media brand, it is only our duty to carry on investigating the mind of Metropolitans to keep pace with their evolving information needs."

In the coming months, the report will be rolled out internationally through the publication of editorial features targeted at readers in Metro newspaper and through presentations and seminars for advertisers, media and creative agencies - when city-specific results will be unveiled.


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